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Hot Stamping Foil

  • Unitrade’s stamping foils have superior qualities for graphic, plastic, and textile industries.

Graphic Industry

  • Widely used for packaging materials and labels.
  • Starting from gold/silver, numerous coloways provide excellent holographic effect with high durability..
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01 #1750

  • · Widely used foil for shiny/matt OPP film. Strong printability of various ink, UV ink and Overcoating with wide range of the size. Excellent adhesion enables easy tooling work with variety of colorways.
  • · Major application
    paperboard, labels of Food, Wine, Cosmetics and cartons and cigarette packs etc
  • · Recommended work temperature
    110c – 130c

02 #620

  • · Excellent stamping application on the rough surface, water base vercoating.
  • · Available on the wide range of size and high gloss stamping.
  • · Major application
    labels on OPP laminated surface, films
  • · Recommended work temperature
    110c – 130c

03 #620A

  • · Excellent stamping quality on high-rough surface, textured book cover.
  • · Major application
    greeting card, wedding card, card with pearl effect
  • · Recommended work temperature
    110c – 135c

Plastic Industry

  • · Widely used for variety of plastic materials such as PP, ABS, PE, PVC.
  • · Hot selling items to all over the world.
  • · #SPC 1000 is specially developed for universal usage which enables for expressing fine designs
    with strong stamping work and high durability.
  • · Major application
    variety of plastic materials, OPP laminated plastic, PP, ABS etc
  • · Recommended work temperature
    125c – 150c

Textile Industry

  • · Widely used for fabric and garment which provides great washing durability with excellent gloss together with matt effect.
  • · Recommended work temperature
    Depends on a way of printing